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Marquette Interchange/Menomonee Valley Bridge

In-Depth and Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections

As a sub-consultant, Fickett Structural Solutions was retained to provide inspection personnel for the in-depth inspection of the Menomonee Valley Bridge and Marquette Interchange. The Menomonee Valley Bridge consists of 10 continuous high-rise unit bridges located on the I-43/94 corridor in downtown Milwaukee and ties into the south side of the Marquette Interchange, the largest highway interchange in the state of Wisconsin. These in-depth, hands-on inspections consisted of all bridge elements, and included fracture critical inspections of fracture critical members. Access to the inside and outside of bridges was obtained via boom lift and Under Bridge Inspection Vehicle (UBIV). Fickett personnel assisted in performing the inspection, recording inspection findings, logging information into WisDOT’s HSIS bridge data management system, and performing final report QA.

In addition to our inspection knowledge of this interchange, Finn Hubbard, our Senior Vice President was the WisDOT State Bridge Engineer during the design and construction of the Marquette Interchange and deeply involved in in all phases of this complex mega-project, including the process that gained the redundant design status of the flyover ramps with the FHWA.